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Suggested reselling mechanism

This is our suggested reselling mechanism. We'll add a special reseller code for you at www.regsoft.com. Regsoft has a commission rate of 10% with $3 minimum. We'll make a special version which uses the purchase link associated with the reseller code. You can host that special version on your website. If you have an account at RegSoft, we can directly transfer payment to you by vendor-to-vendor transfer. Otherwise, we will mail checks in USD to you at the end of each month.

Information page for FlashPeak IntelliComplete

To help you set up a page for FlashPeak IntelliComplete, please use the following information:

Title: FlashPeak IntelliComplete-Type as fast as you think

Link URL: http://www.flashpeak.com/icomp

Text description:

IntelliComplete is a comprehensive enhancement and tool kit for MS windows. It auto-learns, autocompletes words/phrases and auto-expand shorthands in ANY applications on MS Windows. It provides a wonderful collection of clipboard and shell enhancement functions together with many handy automation utilities. IntelliComplete liberates you from the pain of typing by making you type fast as you think. It increases your productivity in a miraculous way and makes your everyday life before computer much easier and enjoyable.

License: Shareware for 30-day full-function evaluation.

All features:

  • Smart Autocompletion of words/phrases/shorthands
  • Seamless integration with any applications on MS windows.
  • Automatically Learns new words and phrases while typing.
  • Multiple libraries can be activated at the same time
  • Powerful library management
  • Extract new words and phrases from multiple pre-existing text documents.
  • Embedded editing to carry out editing functions in any applications
  • Multiple Clipboard Manager with appended-mode copy and quick-paste
  • Topmost toolbar provides easy access to shell enhancement functions and automation utilities
  • URL Aliasing: Type short alias instead of long URL in any applications
  • Built-in Commands make it easy to access major search engines and manage your computer
  • Full configurable hotkeys with a single key for autocompletion and autoexpansion
  • Automatic case matching for autocompletion and autoexpansion
  • Flexible algorithm to retrieve best-matched words based on reference recency and frequency.
  • Fully configurable prompt style

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