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Aiming to be the best internet browser for Windows 7 & XP, SlimBrowser is designed to have fastest speed, strong security and a large set of powerful features to maximize your online productivity. It starts up quickly and opens web pages right in front of you with minimum delay. It also lets you browse the Internet safely by guarding your personal information and protecting your privacy. SlimBrowser offers various functions and options so that you can go where you want and get whatever you want over the web in the fastest way with the least amount of unnecessary distractions.

All the handy functionalities are packed into a compact setup file of only 3MB. Download SlimBrowser now and see for yourself what makes it the best internet browser for Windows.
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iWebFilter 2.0
iWebFilter is a full-featured parental control / web filter software which allows you to restrict or block access to unwanted internet content. You can selectively block access to unhealthy content by kids such as web pages related to porn, violence, drugs. You can also block access to specific web sites by a predefined black list.

IntelliComplete 3.3

Autocomplete Word/phrase and Auto-expand Shorthands in ANY applications on MS Windows. Word and shorthand libraries cover most western languages, programming languages and medical abbreviations. IntelliComplete liberates you from the pain of laborious typing. All you need do is type a prefix, select the desired phrase or shorthand and IntelliComplete will autocomplete it for you.

NetPigeon Toolbar V1.0
NetPigeon is a FREE toolbar add-on designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is very compact in installation size while loaded with many powerful features which makes your daily surfing activities as easy as a snap. The features supported include form filler, spell checker, easy access to multiple search engines, autologin, etc.

BlazeFtp 2.1
BlazeFtp is a multiple-session and cache-enabled ftp client with a built-in offline ftp search engine. It's slim, easy to use and powerful. You can master it in minutes. BlazeFtp can perform lightning-fast searching offline searching on multiple ftp sites with support of regular expression. It integrates local-to-local, local-to-remote, remote-to-remote file transfer in a uniform interface. It's able recognize file type by both extension matching and content preview.

FlashText 1.2
FlashText pastes predefined text into any applications in the most convenient way. You can define an unlimited number of entries. Each entry has a name and value. All you need do is activate FlashText by hotkey, select an entry from the entry name list and the value of the entry will be pasted into the current window. FlashText also supports flexible text templates which can generate different text from different parameters supplied by the user.

EasyClip 2.1
EasyClip is a slim suite of tools on clipboard enhancement, shell enhancement and computer automation. It includes a multiple clipboard manager which maintains 64 auto-cycling clipboard entries. URL Alias saves you the trouble of typing long URL or clicking into deep folders step by step with mouse. Quick-run dialog powered by aliases and built-in commands provides the shortcut to major search engines, shell folders and common tasks.

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