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Flash Wav To Mp3 Converter is a powerful wav to mp3 converter with support of batch conversion. It employs a nice & clean interface. It supports drag & drop from windows explorer. Many advanced options are included to optimize the sound quality or file size of the generated mp3 files. The options include fixed-bitrate, Variable Bitrate (VBR), noise shaping, ID3 tags, etc.

Wav to Mp3 Converter

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Features of Wav To Mp3 Converter

  • Fully automatic batch conversion from wav to mp3 with clear progress indicator
  • Drag & drop wav files from windows explorer.
  • Both fixed bit rate and variable bit rate encoding
  • High quality noise shaping in mp3 encoding
  • Support Mono/Stereo/Joint Stereo/Mid-Side Stereo mode
  • Support user-defined ID-3 tags in encoded mp3 file


Flash Wav To Mp3 Converter is shareware. You can evaluate it for 30-days for free. If you want to keep Flash Wav To Mp3 Converter after the evaluation period is up, you will have to register. In evaluation mode, the wave file size is limited to 5MB and no command line options are supported.

Price & Order

The price to register a single copy of Flash Wav To Mp3 Converter is only $19.97. You can order Flash Wav To Mp3 Converter securely online by our payment processor-Regsoft . Acceptable payment methods include major credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Euro), checks, phone orders, fax orders.

Registration benefits include:

  • Free upgrade to any future versions!
  • Free technical support
  • Remove 5M file size limitation on wav file
  • Add command line support for wav to mp3 conversion

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