CryptHtml XP - web page (html & script) encryption software

Crypthtml lets you encrypt a whole website with just one click. Many flexible options are included for advanced users. These options can guard against web surfer's attempt to access the source code. They include "View Source", content selection, "Save Target As", browser context menu, etc. The encryption is implemented using Java Script, VB Script and JScript built in with standard-compliant browsers. CryptHtml is able to protect your javascript, vbscript, CSS style and HTML soure code. It also protects the email addresses from being found by evil email harvestors. Encryption of all link addresses protects your whole website from link theft or being downloaded by tools like teleport and webzip. Several general encryption methods can be combined to disable those automatic decryption tools. When the visitors try to view the source code, they can only see something totally unreadable. It will be almost impossible for other people to copy your web pages or even website under the protection of CryptHtml.

You can view the encrypted version of this page to see how secure CryptHtml is. Feel free with any attempt to obtain the source code.

Available Protection Options

  • Disable Context Menu: Disable access to popup menu in browser site window
  • Disable Status Information: Disable status bar information in the browser window.
  • Disable Content Selection: Disable content selection by mouse in browser site window
  • Disable Offline Mode: Make this page unable to be browsed offline
  • Disable Error Message: Suppress script error message dialogs.
  • Disable Document Printing: Prevent the surfer to print the encrypted page
  • Immediate Expiration: Prevent the browser from cache this page by making it expire immediately
  • Display information when script is not supported: Display information when the browser doesn't support scripts.
  • Disable Robots: Prevent search engines from indexing the web page
  • Disable Page Caching: Prevent the browser from caching this page
  • Disable InternetExplorer6 Image Toolbar: Disable IE6 floating image toolbar


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